While more changes may be made by Facebook in the future, it appears as if their recent changes are final and names associated with Albums, photos, posts, comments and replies will no longer be returned by the Facebook API. This affects all apps that use the Facebook API to retrive user data.

This is all due to the recent privacy concerns that have been aimed at Facebook (you have probably seen the news of Mark Zuckerberg appearing before Congress to discuss Facebook's privacy policies.)

To read Facebook's official statement concerning these changes please see this post from their newsroom: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/04/restricting-data-access/

For more information on how this affects sellit.social and how you use it please see this page https://sellit.social/help/facebookpageissues

Welcome to sellit.social

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sellit.social is a social media sales manager that takes the hassle out of identifying which of your items has been claimed and by whom, and also allows you to track the order status once the sale has completed. The beauty of sellit.social is that it works no matter what you're selling - from clothing to candles, gadgets to garden gnomes - if it's been sold, sellit.social will find it!

How It Works

sellit.social searches through your albums or wall posts in both Groups and Events, looking for sold comments (or even questions from customers!), and adds them to an easy to read report.
With just a few clicks you can easily see how many items you have sold.

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sellit.social has many features that will help you process your online sales smoothly, and even track order status after the sale has ended!

  • Group or Event searches
  • Photo Album or Wall feed searches
  • Saveable Reports
  • Item status tracking (Invoiced/Paid/Shipped)
  • Giveaway search
  • Sales Dashboard

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