Try the following:

  1. Open the Facebook app settings here: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications
  2. Find sellit.social in the list (it should be in the Active tab, if not, check the Expired tab)
  3. Check the box next to sellit.social and click the Remove button (you can ignore the warning about it removing your sellit account - that won't happen)
  4. Now try to login to sellit.social
  5. When prompted to allow access click Continue and then OK - you should be able to login now

Get help with sellit.social

Be sure to like the sellit.social Facebook page for updates on the app.

What's New?

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How To Series Back To Top

How do I run a report?

You have the option of running a report on your Facebook Groups or Events. Your personalized list of each of these groups can be found on the respective pages, My Groups or My Events. Choose the Group or Event from the dropdown list that you would like to search through and then select from the available options. Once your options are selected click the Run Report button and the app will begin searching through your group or event. For a detailed description of each option see the "What are the available report options?" entry in the FAQ section below.

When the report finishes you will be greeted with a sortable table detailing the buyer's name, their comment, and the date of the comment, along with a picture of the item, and if you upload to albums: the name of the album the sold item is in.
If searching by Album (instead of through the Feed/wall posts) you will also have a simple breakdown of how many items were sold in each album.

How do I save a report?

After running a Find Sold Items report you have the option to save the report. Just click the Save Report button near the top of the window, give the report a name or accept the default (you can rename the report later if needed), and click the Submit button.

Saving a report gives you the ability to track each sold item, from its initial state of Unprocessed, to Invoiced, then Paid, and finally when the item has Shipped or been scheduled for Local Pickup. Reports are saved in the sellit.social cloud which means you don't have to worry about copying items to a spreadsheet or other document once the sale is over. Come back to sellit.social at any time to load your saved reports from the My Reports page and pick back up where you left off.
Reports are automatically removed after 30 days. If you need to keep a record of your sold items for longer than 30 days you can save the page using the Save feature of your browser.

How do I share a report?

When a report is first saved only you have access to its contents, but if you want others to have access to the report and your sale's sold items without giving them access to your Facebook account or making them an admin of the group you can easily share the report.

  1. From the My Reports page the right-most column shows you which reports (if any) have been shared and allows you to check the reports that you wish to share. Select the report(s) to share and click the Share Selected Reports button at the bottom of the list.
  2. Enter the email address of the sellit.social member to share the report with and optionally check the Add User to Favorite Contacts box to make sharing with this user easier in the future.
    If you have already added users to your favorites you can simply select their name from the list instead of typing their email address.
  3. With the email entered or name selected from favorites click the Share Reports button. The selected reports will be shared with the user and an email sent to them informing them of the newly shared report. They will be able to modify the individual sold item status and notes in the report but are not able to delete or rename the report.

How do I cancel my subscription?

After logging in to sellit.social with the account that has the subscription, browse to My Account > Manage My Subscription and use the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Please note: if you know that you have an active subscription but "Manage My Subscription" reports that you have no subscription it most likely means that you're logged into a secondary account that does not have the subscription tied to it. You will need to be sure that you're logging in with the Facebook account that matches the name from your email receipt.

If the cancellation is successful you will immediately be taken to a page with a confirmation code - please save this code somewhere so that it can be referenced if you need to contact support in the future about the subscription or cancellation. You will also receive an automated email confirming the cancellation.

If you do not receive a confirmation code or email it almost assuredly means that your cancellation did not succeed for some reason. Please use the Contact page to contact support **AND** please post a message on the sellit.social Facebook Page to ensure that your issue is seen.

Frequently Asked Questions/Encountered Issues Back To Top

What does sellit.social do?

sellit.social is a virtual assistant that helps keep your online sales organized and makes sure you never miss a sold item or comment.
Rather than clicking through dozens or even hundreds of photos looking for comments, or trying to keep track of notifications and distinguishing between sold comments and general questions, sellit.social allows you to simply pick from one of your Groups or Events, specify the word or phrase your customers use to claim an item, and run a search to generate an easy to read list of all your sold merchandise.

sellit.social will look through every single photo or post's comments and replies searching for a "sold" message to add it the sold list, saving you the hassle of manually searching.

Is my credit card kept by sellit.social/is my payment secure?

sellit.social uses Stripe for payment processing. Thanks to the ingenious way that Stripe functions your credit card information is never stored on sellit.social's servers.
Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
Stripe is used by companies such as Target, Best Buy, Facebook, Twitter, and Lyft. For more information on Stripe's security measures click here.

Can I cancel my account in the middle of a subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the Manage My Subscription link.
If you are currently subscribed to a plan, your account will remain fully functional until the next billing cycle, at which point you will have the ability to use the Free option. Refunds are not offered for subscription cancellation.

What type of comments will it show me?

You have the option to generate reports for either "sold" items - items in which your customers have commented using the phrase of your choosing to claim an item - or all comments. The All Comments report is useful during an event to ensure that you haven't missed out on a potential sale, for instance if a potential client has a question concerning an item.

Which Facebook permissions are required for the site?

We only require access to "Groups" and "Events" in order to generate a list groups and events that you're set as an admin of.

I accidentally removed the needed Facebook permissions, how do I re-add them?

Login to Facebook and go to Settings > Apps, look for sellit.social in the list and click the Edit Settings button (looks like a pencil) next to the icon and then make sure there is a checkmark next to "Events" and "Groups you manage".

I have a second Facebook account that I use for my business, do I have to purchase a subscription for each account?

No, we will gladly link both accounts so that when the primary account is renewed the secondary account is also renewed. Register your secondary account with sellit.social (instructions below) and once complete contact support and provide the Invoice ID from the bottom of your sellit.social subscription receipt email, as well as the name of the secondary account that needs access. If you don't have access to your Invoice ID we can attempt to look up your subscription.

  1. Logout of both sellit.social and Facebook.com (Note: if using a mobile device this is in the browser and NOT in an installed app) Using the same browser that you use to visit sellit.social, go to https://www.facebook.com and logout.
  2. Use the Login with Facebook button on sellit.social
  3. Login with your secondary account username and password
  4. When prompted for an email address use one that you have not previously used with sellit.social. It can be any email you want as it is not tied to Facebook and will only be used for communication about the site

Frequently Encountered Issues Back To Top

Only some or none of my groups/events are showing in the list.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook with your account that you do business with.
  2. Make sure that you are an admin of the group/event you're trying to search through.
    • The easiest way to do this is to go to your list of groups on Facebook and look under the "Groups You Manage" section. This link should take you there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/?category=membership
      If the group does not appear in the list then you are not an admin of the group and sellit.social will not be able to see the group.
  3. Make sure that you have granted access to the app through Facebook.
    • In Facebook: go to Settings > Apps or use this link https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications
    • Find sellit.social in the list, click the edit button and ensure that "Events" and "Groups You Manage" are both checked. If they are not, either check them or just remove the app and the next time you sign into sellit.social you will be prompted to allow the permissions.
  4. If the missing group has emojis in the title it may not display in certain situations. To correct this try to run the report from a different browser. For instance if you're using Safari or Internet Explorer try instead to run a report from Chrome or Firefox.

A certain user's comments are not showing in my report.

If you notice that all of a specific user's comments are not showing in the report it is probably due to that user having extra security restrictions configured for their account which blocks sellit.social from seeing their comments. Unfortunately there is no easy way around this other than the user removing those security limitations.

When trying to save a report you see "An error occurred while processing your request"

You probably have a comment or reply somewhere in your report with the greater than symbol "<" followed by text. The underlying code blocks any text with that symbol followed by text as a security measure to stop potentially malicous activity.

I am looking into on a workaround for this issue, but in the meantime the only fix is to delete (or edit) the comment with the offending text and re run a report. Alternatively you can contact support, reference the specific report, and the character can be removed from within the database.

I just paid for a subscription and I'm still only able to run a report every 12 hours.

Please sign out of sellit.social and then sign right back in - that should allow your level of access to be "refreshed" and you should have full access.