sellit.social is a virtual assistant that helps keep your online sales organized and makes sure you never miss a sold item or comment.

Features include:

  • Use a simple dropdown list to select from Groups or Events that you are an admin of
  • From there you can choose to search through your uploaded Albums or Wall posts (Feed)
  • Choose whether to find sold items that only you have posted (useful during multi-consultant events) or from everyone in the Group or Event.
  • Besides finding sold items you can also use sellit.social to find items with any comment. This is great during a busy online sale to stay on top of questions from customers.
  • See a summary of how many items were sold from each album (most useful when each item is uploaded to its own album)
  • Save and access past Reports for up to 30 days, even after the sale has ended and items have been removed from Facebook.
  • Saved Reports also give you the ability to track an order's status post-sale. Items can be in one of four states:
    • Unprocessed: newly sold items
    • Invoiced: customer has been sent an invoice but has not yet paid
    • Paid: customer has paid for the item(s) and are ready for shipping
    • Shipped: item(s) have been shipped to the customer
  • Once all items are marked shipped the Saved Report will mark the sale as complete! (The Saved Report can still be accessed and modified as needed)
  • Easily update an existing report with the "Find New Items" option which will retrieve any new "sold" comments from your Group or Event and add them to the report
  • Find giveaway winners by searching with a #hashtag of your choosing
  • Sales Dashboard gives you info into your customers and past sales at a glance
  • More being added all the time!